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Canada Jack

Real Name


First Appearance

Canadian Heroes #5 (March, 1943)

Original Publisher

Educational Projects

Created by

George Menendez Rae


Canada Jack was an athlete and adventurer who decided to use his prowess to combat crime and fifth comlumnists during the Second World War, to act as a symbol for his nation against the ruthless cruelty of the Axis powers. He set up his own club, the Canada Jack Club, to encourage the youth of his nation to engage in useful and patriotic activities, and often used this network as a source of information, alerting him to enemy activity. During his career, he combatted Nazi arsonists, black marketeers, shipyard saboteurs, and escaped P.O.W.'s. After a while, the enemy began to specifically target him for disrupting their acitivities. Jack ventured out of Canada only once, when he used an experimental plane to fly to South America and tackle Nazis there!


Extra strong and athletic; gymnast, ju-jitsu expert, expert horseman and pilot.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Canadian Heroes Vol. 1, No. 5 – Vol. 5, No. 6 (Educational Projects, 26 issues, March 1943 – Oct. 1945)
  • Some adventures reprinted in a one–shot comic book, Thrilling Adventures of Canada Jack (Educational Projects, 1945)

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