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Captain 3-D
Captain 3D Cover

Real Name


First Appearance

Captain 3-D #1 (December, 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby


Captain 3-D is the last of the people of D, who were exterminated 50,000 years ago by the Cat People (currently led by Tigra). He has been preserved in 2-D, within the pages of the Book of D, which has been protected by a human gaurdian since the demise of his own people. The current guardian is Danny Davis who runs a used book shop.

Captain 3-D seems to posses the ability to traverse from 2-D to 4-D. In 3-D, his belt is able to use 4-D energy to give him the power of flight. He is an exceptional fighter besides that, and he may have knowledge of his people's advanced technology.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain 3-D #1


  • Captain 3-D was the inspiration for the Roy Thomas-created Marvel Comics character, 3-D Man. AC Comics also has its own variant of Captain 3-D called Commando D.

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