Captain Atom
Captain Atom
From the Cover of Space Adventures #33

Real Name

Allen Adam

First Appearance

Space Adventures #33 (1960)

Original Publisher


Created by

Steve Ditko & Joe Gill

Silver Age Origin

Captain Allen Adam of the U.S. Air-force was caught in an atomic accident which destroyed his body but, luckily, not his mind. He forms a new body for himself and use his new superpowers to fight aliens, communists, and super villains such as the Silver Lady. His power include invulnerability, surviving unaided in space, supersonic speed and flight, and an atomic powered punch. He regularly partnered with Nightshade.

Silver Age Appearances

  • Space Adventures #33-40, 42
  • Captain Atom #78-89


  • Not to be confused with the Nationwide character of the same name.
  • While the first appearance of Captain Atom and all of his Silver Age appearances are in the public domain, any appearances after 1977 are NOT.
  • Captain Atom was Alan Moore's inspiration for his Watchmen character, Dr. Manhattan (which is NOT in the public domain).
  • Captain Atom was the first superhero to be co-created by Steve Ditko.

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