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Captain Blood

Real Name

Dr. Peter Blood

First Appearance

Premier Magazine, Dec. 1920

Original Publisher

Amalgamated Press

Created by

Rafael Sabatini


Peter Blood was an Irish physician in the late 17th Century who served as a soldier, sailor, and eventually, one of the most feared pirate captains in the Caribbean. After attending the wounded during a revolution, Blood was arrested for treason, but he managed to escape, leading him on a great series of adventures. He was later pardoned, after the Glorious Revolution, for saving Jamaica from the French.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Captain Blood (1922)

Golden Age Appearances

  • Stories by Famous Authors #2 (Seaboard Publishing/Famous Authors Illustrated)


  • Captain Blood first appeared in a story arc entitled Tales of the Brethren of the Main that was first published in Premier Magazine. As creator Rafael Sabatini has not yet been dead seventy years, the character of Captain Blood is not in the public domain in any countries which follow the life + 70 years (or longer) term.

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