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Captain Comet

Real Name


First Appearance

Danger Is Our Business! #1 (1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Williamson

Golden Age Origin Edit

Captain Comet was an agent of the Earth Council, sometime in the future. He flew aboard the Starhope, an interplanetary space liner. His arch enemy was John Kidd, a murderous space pirate, and the descendant of the sea pirate, Captain Kidd. Captain Comet was a respected leader, capable of improvising electronic devices, skilled with his fist and with weapons. He carried a ray gun on his hip, and sometimes, a ceremonial sword.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

Danger Is Our Business! #1

Notes Edit

This character debuted two years after the DC character named Captain Comet, so aspects of this character could be seen as derivative. DC's Captain Comet character also wears a red suit with a blue "comet burst" on his chest, but otherwise looks different and has much different attributes.

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