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Captain Freedom

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Captain Freedom
Captain Freedom

Real Name

Don Wright

First Appearance

Speed Comics #13 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harvey Publications

Created by

Arthur Cazeneuve & "Franklin Flagg"

Golden Age Origin and Background Edit

Don Wright was a publisher of Daily Bulletin, a newspaper based in either Central City or New York City (different issues give different locations). He put on a costume to help the downtrodden and oppressed. When World War II broke out, he focused on fighting the Axis saboteurs. He was aided by the Young Defenders, four children named Lefty, Slim, Whitey (later Beanie) and Joanie, who worked as newsboys for the Daily Bulletin. Captain Freedom originally displayed super-strength and limited flight, but those powers vanished shortly after his original appearance and he remained non-powered for the remainder of his appearances.

In Speed Comics #23, Captain Freedom teamed up with Shock Gibson, Black Cat, War Nurse and Ted Parrish to repel the Japanese attempt to invade Los Angeles. He also teamed up with Black Cat and Shock Gibson on several other occasions.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Speed Comics # 13-44
  • Pocket Comics #4

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