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Captain Triumph
Crack Comics -51
Captain Triumph vs the Werewolf

Real Name

Michael & Lance Gallant

First Appearance

Crack Comics # 27 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alfred Andriola

Golden Age Origin

In 1919, identical twin brothers Michael and Lance Gallant were born in New York City and both possessed T-shaped birthmarks on their left wrists. The boys remained close growing up. Later, during the Second World War, Michael enlisted in the Air Force as a pilot. Unfortunately, on his his 23rd birthday, he died when his hanger exploded. Kim Meredith, his fiancée, and his brother Lance saw the tragedy and grabbed Michael from the flames, only to have him die in his brother's arms. Lance wanted vengeance. The Fates of Greek mythology witnessed Michael's death and decided to turn Lance into their champion. Soon, Lance is visited by Michael's ghost, who told his brother they were still linked. If Lance touched his birthmark, the brothers would merge and gain superpowers; touching the mark a second time would separate them. So Lance decides to call himself Captain Triumph and become a crime fighter. When merged, Captain Triumph's powers included superhuman strength and endurance, flight, invulnerability, and invisibility. When the two brothers were separated, Michael (as a ghost) was intangible and could turn invisible, and he would use these powers to spy for Lance. He was assisted once by his sidekick Biff who dressed like a clown.

Captain Triumph's enemies included Baron Bragg, Colonel Fishama, Dr. Marfree, Hypnotic Eyes Khor, the King - the Jack of All Trades, Krogar, the Man Who Conquered Flame, Men of Darkness, Mr. Pointer, Mr. Weary, the Porcupine, Rafree, Raven, the Red Mask, Silent, Silvertip, Sitok the Green God of Evil, Supremo, the Veil, Spade the Ruthless, Tyrant of Toar Valley, Vanishing Vandals, and Yorvey.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Crack Comics #27-62

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