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Carnacki, The Ghost Finder

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Carnacki, The Ghost Finder

Real Name

Thomas Carnacki

First Appearance

"The Gateway of the Monster" (in The Idler, 1910)

Original Publisher

Robert Barr

Created by

William Hope Hodgson


Thomas Carnacki was a consulting detective who frequently investigated occult and supernatural occurences. He lived in a flat on Cheyne Walk in Chelsea, and he kept a library on the occult, which included the Sigsand Manuscript, which helped to protect him against supernatural dangers. He was assisted by a friend named Dodgson.

Carnacki faced a variety of supernatural menaces and he categorized spirits as Aeiirii and the more dangerous Saiitii.


Along with the Sigsand Manuscript and other occult objects, Carnacki also employed pseudo-scientific items, such as the Electric Pentacle.


  • William Hope Hodgson wrote nine Carnacki short stories, the last three of which were published after his death.
  • While Carnacki and any specific items or characters created by Hodgson for the short stories are in the public domain, those created for use by later derivative works may not be.

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