Carole Landis

Real Name

Carole Landis

First Appearance

Super-Mystery Comics #4 (Nov 1940)

Original Publisher

Ace Periodicals

Created by

Paul Chadwick


School boy Davey Landis was a big fan of Magno, the Magnetic Man. In fact, he was such a big fan that his older sister, Carole Landis, made him a "little Magno" costume as a gift. Carole made a living as a private investigator. In spite of his young age, she allowed her brother to come along and help her with her cases.

On one such occasion, they crossed paths with Magno, and Davey was (to use the period idiom) over the moon. When his sister was kidnapped, Davey put on a Little Magno costume and tried to help his idol, reasoning that Carole was his sister and he wasn't going to sit on the sidelines while she was in danger. At first, Magno was reluctant to let a non-powered youth tag along, but Davey's persistence eventually wore him down and he agreed to give the self-imposed sidekick a portion of his powers for an hour. Together, the newly minted duo saved Carole and brought down the villain behind the kidnapping to justice.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Super-Mystery Comics #4

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