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Cat Man
Cat man

Real Name

Baron Stone

First Appearance

Amazing Man #5 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Tarpe Mills

Golden Age Origin

Barton Stone took the rap for a crime he didn't committed 20 years ago and went to prison, where the people who framed him expected him to die. When he was freed from prison, Baron Stone called his old friends who sent him down the river to meet up. Baron then confronts Steve "Chuck" Harrigan, now a political boss; Roger Watson "Slick" Hammond, stockbroker; and Lionel "Blackie" Black, real estate agent about what happened to his wife. He blamed them for his wife dying in misery and poverty while he rot in prison for taking the rap and told them that he would kill each of them one by one without serving anymore jail time.

In order to get his revenge, Baron Stone dressed up as an old lady met with each of the men one by one. His cat would then scratch them with its poisoned claws. Later, He would send a note predicting the hour of their death, but each death looked just like a heart attack. Plus, no one made a connection between the old woman and the deaths. After the Cat Man got his vengeance, he killed some gangsters the same way.

While in prison Stone learn to be a skilled chemist, especially with both poisons and explosives. He also wears a bullet-proof vest at all times including when in disguise.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Amazing Man #5, 8

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