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Real Name


First Appearance

Super Yank Comics #1 (1951)

Original Publisher

Frew Publications

Created by



In the wilds of Australia, the Cat-Man (who had no secret identity) hunts, striking at crime from a mountain headquarters. He is not limited to Australia, however, ranging around the world and fighting against all evil-doers. He is assisted by Kit and by his fiance Terry West, who works for the "United Nations Press," and by Terry's father, the noted scientist Professor West.

Powers and Abilities

Cat-Man has no superpowers but, was a superb fighter and a brilliant inventor, armed with a Luger pistol, a pair of night vision goggles with the ability to temporarily blind foes with a light that emanated from the goggles, and a utility belt.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Super Yank Comics #1-19
  • The Adventures of Catman #1-12
  • Catman Comics #13-22 (re-prints)


Originally based on the American Cat-Man, when wartime rules stopped imports, Australian stories made him a whole new character.

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