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Real Name


First Appearance

Public Domain Facebook Group (June 2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard


This vicious man is a twisted villain who guards his identity with a streak of insanity. It is believed he grew up somewhere in northern Texas due to his accent but some heroes that have faced him say he talks more in 'faked' drawl.

While CattleProd doesn't have any known powers, he is incredibly fit and extremely strong. He is also highly flexible and knows two forms of martial arts. He likely has military training, is an expert in all forms of hand-held weaponry, and he is a dangerous wheel-man.

CattleProd has worked as a mercenary on every continent. He hires himself out the highest bidder and has little loyalty to anything other than money.

He's been known to begin mooing and then laughing uncontrollably when fighting, especially when faced with a strong opponent. He relishes such conflict. The bloodier a fight is the better.

His one redeeming quality is that he seems to have a 'mum' that he takes care of, although the man is so unhinged that he might be delusional about who his mother is, or was.


The character is an "Open-Source Character" with no restrictions on use.

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