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Real Name

Celeste Karloff

First Appearance

Strange Terrors #1 (1952)

Original Publisher

St. John

Created by

Ralph Mayo


Celeste is a re-colored and re-named version of Lady Satan from Chesler.

While in a US occupied zone in Germany, Celeste came to the aide of her sister, Olga. Their father, Mr. Karloff, had been missing for sometime and it worried Olga to the point she felt the need to contact her sister. However, their housekeepers claimed that Celeste's father was merely in Switzerland for two months and Olga was losing her mind. Marietta knew that her father would had told her if he was going on a long trip and decided to head home to Castle Karloff to investigate.

That night at the castle, Celeste encountered the ghost of her father. His ghost guides her to a hiding place where his killers had stashed the Karloff family jewels. Celeste then realized that her father was murdered by none other than his "faithful" housekeepers Maria and her husband Otto. The murders tried to chain Celeste up when she discovered their crime, but using her tear gas ring she was able to distract them long enough to break out her rusty chains. During a struggle with Celeste, Maria trips and falls onto a pitchfork which stabbed her through the heart. Otto was turned into the authorities and Celeste decided to sell the jewels so her and her sister could move to Berlin.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Strange Terrors #1


  • The story was taken from Red Seal Comics #18 and had previously been re-printed with the character's name changed to Marietta.

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