| Image = Charles Helmsley (Earth-MLJ.jpg | ImageText = Panther Man Battles the Black Hood | RealName = Charles Helmsley | CurrentAlias = Panther Man | Distinguish1 = | Distinguish2 = | Aliases = | Identity = Secret | AlienRace = | Alignment = Bad | Affiliation = | Relatives = | Universe = Earth-MLJ | BaseOfOperations =

| Gender = Male | Height = | Weight = | Eyes = | Hair = | UnusualFeatures =

| Citizenship = | MaritalStatus = | Occupation = | Education =

| Origin = | PlaceOfBirth = | Creators = Harry Shorten | First = Top-Notch Comics #14 | Death = Top-Notch Comics #14

| Quotation = | Speaker =

| HistoryText = The Panther Man was originally a legendary creature that was half-man and half beast prowling in the jungles of South America.

Barbara Sutton would later discover, through her father's diary, that he was searching for the Ramm Ruby during his expedition in South America. While there, he died at the hands of the Panther Man.

After reading about her father's exploits, and against her mother's wishes, Barbara, and her suitor Joe Strong, traveled to the Islands of Cocos, to continue the hunt for the ruby.

Once docked on the Islands, Barbara and Joe began their search, and the Panther Man attacked them several times. In fact, Joe Strong was almost mauled to death. However, unknown to Barbara and Joe, the Black Hood had followed them on their journey to protect them.

When the trio did find the ruby in a hidden cave, the dreaded Panther Man attacked again. The Black Hood went after their foe and hurdled him against the cave's wall causing some loose boulders to topple down. The Black Hood was able to twist away, but the Panther Man was not as agile. He was unmasked and revealed to be Barbara's butler who had followed them since their journey began.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to understand if the butler was the same "Panther Man" who killed Barbara's father, or if he only disguised himself as the original "legendary beast," after hearing about the ruby mentioned in the diary.

| Powers = None. | Abilities = | Strength = | Weaknesses =

| Equipment = Costume: the Panther Man has razor-sharp claws in his gloves. | Transportation = | Weapons =

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