Charlie, Leader of the Dehyrates
Charlie with Hank Roper

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Western #43 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson

Origin Edit

Charlie is the leader of the Dehyrates, a science fiction club based near the Bar-Z ranch, owned by Spurs Jackson. When Spurs takes his rocket to investigate a situation on the moon, Strong Bow goes with him. Spurs instructs Hank Roper to meet the Dehyrates when they come for their visit. Spurs informs Hank the Dehyrates will arrive in costume and in an airplane mocked-up like a spaceship.

When the Neptunian Artopods land in their space vessel, Hank mistakes them at first for the Dehyrates. Jawa takes Hank prisoner. The Dehyrates show up, they disembark from their plane. The plane is instantly destroyed by the Artopods. Hank informs Charlie of the situation. Charlie and the other Dehyrates us their spray guns they brought along as part of their costumes, knowing parts of the area had mosquito infestations. Charlie and the Dehyrates quickly use the chemicals on the Artopods to kill the creatures. When the Neptunian ship escapes, Hank radios to Spurs who is returning in his rocket. Strong Bow fires on the ship and destroys it.

Charlie fills in the reason they used the spray guns as a substitue for raygun as part of their costumes, and how they "Bammed the BEMS!", telling Spurs Artopods is just another term for insects, so they figured the insecticide would work on the Neptunian Artopods.

Public Domain Appearances Edit

Space Western #43