Chief Bloody Tomahawk

Real Name

Bloody Tomahawk

First Appearance

Lone Eagle #4 (Oct.-Nov. 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by



After receiving a new Winchester repeater rifle from Major Anderson, Chief Lone Eagle places it in the hands of his young nephew, Hopping Squirrel. Leader of a hostile band of Blackfeet warriors, Chief Bloody Tomahawk captures Hopping Squirrel. They warriors torture the boy, causing him to tell everything about the rifle before he dies at their hands.

Bloody Tomahawk and his warriors ambush the Army wagon train full of the new rifles at a ghost town called Skullville. Lone Eagle battles Bloody Tomahawk on top of a burning building as the Blackfeet are losing. The roof collapses, and Chief Bloody Tomahawk is impaled on his own knife, killing him.

Public Domain Appearances

Lone Eagle #4, Apache Trail #4

See Also

Love Eagle #4 at Digital Comic Museum

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