Doctor Christopher Fenn

Real Name

Christopher Fenn

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #7 (Oct. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long, John L. Blummer


A man is murdered on the grounds of an ancient druid castle by the ghosts of the druids who once resided there. The land the castle is on is owned by Lady Debra Seeley, causing the mayor to address the concerns of the villagers with her. Lady Seeley calls her friend, Christopher Fenn, for some input. Doctor Christopher Fenn comes to help right away, bringing a dematerialization invention of his own. He also bring his dog Drum along. When he arrives, he dematerializes himself, Lady Seeley, and Drum.

As they are investigating the grounds of the druid castle, they run into the ghosts of the druids. The ghosts demand to know what the two ghosts are doing there, and act in a threatening manner. Christopher Fenn holds up a holly branch, knowing it is sacred to the druids, and call on them to obey the protection it offers. He says that they are friends besides.

Everything is going well until a servant girl from Lady Seeley's property wanders into the scene. The druids capture her, intending on sacrificing her to remove the heart. Christopher says he extends the protection of the holly to include the girl.


Fenn's Dematerializer

Things begin to go sour, when Drum attacks the head druid. This confuses and angers the Druids, putting Christopher, Lady Seeley, the servant girl, and Drum running for the protection of an ancient Roman fort. The group takes refuge in the fort, and are protected from the druids through the night. Fenn and Lady Seeley go back to their material forms before dawn, and the druids are gone. They discover the sacrificed body of Drum. Drum returns as an actual ghost dog to defend against the druid ghosts. After that, the druids no longer appear.

Powers and Abilities

Christopher Fenn is highly intelligent and educated. With the use of his dematerializing machine, he can appear incorporeal and can make others appear the same

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #3
  • Haunted Thrills #17
  • Adventures into the Unknown #7

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