The Wonder Girl

Real Name

Pamela Daley

First Appearance

Better Comics vol. 6 #1 (Aug/Sept. 1943)

Original Publisher

Maple Leaf Publishing

Created by

Hal Kerr & Shirley Fortune


Young orphan Pam, the Wonder Girl (as she was known onstage at The Dunham & Daley Big Top), was actually the true owner of the circus but... didn't know it! Big Jovial Ma Dunham and her son, Sonny, wanted to keep this information from Pam at all costs. Attempts were made on Pam's life and her boyfriend, millionaire Buddy Vandermere, disappeared. With the help of her friend, Pearl, and married couple, Mummy Begum (the circus' clairvoyant) & Rubjub the Snake Charmer, they uncovered the pairs plan, saved Buddy and prevented the circus from falling into the wrong hands.

Although they were both part of the same circus' cast, Pam was never shown interacting with Lotus the Fish Girl.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Better Comics vol. 6 #1, 7-8

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