Claire Voyant

Real Name

Lyn Hall

First Appearance

Claire Voyant comic strip (May 10, 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Sparling


In 1943, torch singer Lyn Hall joined a USO tour to entertain American Troops in Africa. On the way back to the states, the boat she was on was torpedoed and she and everyone else were presumed dead.

However, two years later, a mysterious woman was found wandering on an air field in Hong Kong. Brought back to the United States, the woman was given the name Claire Voyant (by a chef named Cookie) until she could regain her memory. In the meantime, she was spotted by a Hollywood producer and became a star after appearing in a film romance.

Recognizing her in the film, her father found her and she again knew who she was, however, how she got to Hong Kong and what she did for those missing two years remained a mystery to her.


Claire's supporting cast (not pictured: Cookie).

In the four issues of Claire Voyant, she did what she could to resolve that mystery during which drama, mystery, romance and general soap opera antics ensued.

Powers and Abilities

As her name would suggest, she was clairvoyant (although this power very rarely benefitted her or anyone else in the stories).

Golden Age Appearances

  • Claire Voyant #1-4
  • Keen Teens #2


  • Her real name is a conjecture based on the facts that her father calls her "Claire" while everyone else refers to her by "Claire Voyant," indicating "Claire" to be her real first name. With her father's last name being "Hall," and definite statements revealing "Voyant" to be a stage name, it would stand to reason that her real last name would be the same as her father's.

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