Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Flash #1 (November 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mort Meskin

Golden Age Origin

The Claw was a gang leader with animal claws for hands. After breaking out of jail he re-formed his gang, but after one of his men was captured thanks to Tomboy, he decided to get rid of her before she could ruin his latest scheme. So he sets a trap by telling her father Lt. Jackson that unless his man was released that the waterfront would be destroyed. Tomboy rushed to captured the crook only to walk into a trap. The waterfront merely a distraction for the police, the Claw really wanted to rob the museum and was going to bomb the docks and loot the museum in the ensuing chaos. However after they drop Tomboy out of the plane, she grabs on to the underside of the wing and prevents the bomb doors from opening causing the plane to catch fire when the bombs could not leave the plane. Tomboy drops into the water while the Claw and his gang are caught in the explosion.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Flash #1

See Also

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