Colonel Ian Bowes-Clidden

Real Name

Ian Bowes-Clidden

First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #11 (Jan.-Feb. 1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger


Ian Bowes-Lidden is a British writer disheartened at the events in the war. He is called into the British army and raised to the rank of an officer, Colonel Ian fights in the trenches. One day, a fellow soldier points out a strange, green gas. Colonel Ian instructs the soldier to soak his handkerchief in the water, as he does likewise. This saves them from the gas the Germans were using.

Colonel Ian saw through the gas the Phantom Archers, a group of ghostly bowmen apparently from the warriors of old Britain. The Archers kill many of the German soldiers and send the rest scurrying to safety.

Colonel Ian is returned to England, and told by a disbelieving officer to not repeat the story. When one of the Phantom Archers show up in his study, the Archer tells him to write about the events when he is able.


  • A re-telling of events at the battle of Mons, where angels purportedly appeared to assist the British soldiers.
  • This story likely originated in Arthur Machen's story, The Bowmen.
  • Machen says he created the story while singing a hymn in church.
  • Machen apologizes for the ensuing rumors in the introduction to The Angel of Mons, a collection of war stories.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Strange #3
  • Fantastic Comics #11

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