Colossus A.D. 2640
Colossus ad 2640

Real Name

Richard Zenith

First Appearance

Colossus Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Sun Publications

Created by

Reinsberg and Bernie Wiest

Golden Age Origin

In the year 2640, Richard Zenith was a weakling lab assistant, who became a test subject for Dr. Albert Blitzmann's "grandular" growth formula. The doctor's daughter, Eve, made a mistake during the experiment, and loaded Zenith's syringe with 200 parts of the catalyst, instead of the two one-hundredths parts that the doctor requested. As a result, Zenith grew to be over 2000 feet tall. Zenith was happy to become the most powerful man in the universe, and decided he would become a god-king to rule the entire Earth and all of humanity. He traveled to Urbania, the capital of the Triplanetary government and threatened to destroy the city, unless the people of Earth called him master. The citizens of Urbania agreed to surrender. Colossus then stopped an invasion of Earth by the Plantaliens and then swam across the Atlantic Ocean toward Europe. His adventures ended there, with Dr. Albert Blitzmann working on a formula to return Zenith to his original size.

As Colosus, Zenith had tremendous power. Each step he took created a small Earthquake and his laughter could produce gale force winds. He possessed tremendous superhuman strength and was nigh invulnerable, even to ray blasts.

Golden Age Appearances

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