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Commander Steel

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Commander Steel
Commander Steel 002

Real Name

Jack Steel

First Appearance

Grand Slam Three Aces Comics #44

Original Publisher

Anglo-American Publishing Company Limited

Created by


Golden Age Origin Edit

Grand Slam V3 11

As Commander Steel, Jack Steel fought chiefly against Nazis during World War II, and afterward, he traveled the globe as an agent of the International Police Service.

He got his powers, super strength and speed, from an "Elixir of Power" that flowed in his veins. Although he could be knocked out by a blow to the head, in one instance after being thrown off a cliff and exclaiming that he felt like he had broken every bone, he immediately recovered.

Commander Steel

Commander Steel in action.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Grand Slam Three Aces #44, 45-47
  • Grand Slam Comics #35, 37, 51, 53-56


  • Although he shares the same name, he has no connection to the DC Comics' superhero Commander Steel, who debuted decades later.
  • Grand Slam Comics encompassed issues #1-43, was temporarily renamed Grand Slam Three Aces Comics from #44-50, then back to Grand Slam Comics from #51-56.

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