Commander Steel
Commander Steel 002

Real Name

Jack Steel

First Appearance

Grand Slam Comics vol. 3 #9 (August 1944)

Original Publisher

Anglo-American Publishing Company Limited

Created by

Unknown (Ed Furness?)


After Jack Steel was fatally wounded by a German shell at the battle of El Alamein, a strange scientist took him to a hidden cave laboratory and injected the "elixir of life" into the dying soldier.

Not only did the elixir save Jack's life, but it gave him incredible powers like super strength (sometimes specified as "the strength of ten"), speed, and a substantial healing factor (after being thrown off a cliff and exclaiming that he felt like he had broken every bone, he immediately recovered), although he could be knocked out by a blow to the head.

As Commander Steel he chiefly fought against the Axis powers during World War II and later traveled the globe as an agent of the International Police Service.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Grand Slam Comics
    • vol. 3 #9-11
    • vol. 4 #1-3, 5-7
    • (vol no longer being listed) #51, 53-56
  • Grand Slam Three Aces #44-47
Grand Slam V3 11


  • He has no connection to the DC Comics' superhero of the same name, that debuted decades later.
  • Along with other Golden Age public domain Canadian characters, Commander Steel was revived in 2010 for Moonstone Books' Johnny Canuck and the Guardians of the North by Ty Templeton.
  • It is interesting to note that, despite being created by a Canadian publisher for a strictly Canadian audience, Commander Steel was more than likely not a Canadian citizen. Not only was he serving in the American army during his origin story, but Jack had no idea where he was born or what his true nationality was and considered himself a "champion of all nations against dictatorships."
Commander Steel

Commander Steel in action.

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