Real Name

Betty Babble

First Appearance

Star-Studded Comics #1 (1945)

Original Publisher

Cambridge House

Created by

Nina Albright


Betty Babble, actress and former stuntwoman, was playing the part of Commandette, "the female Commando," in her latest movie. However, when her co-star, Ronald Poleman, was accused of blackmail and framed for murder, she set out to prove his innocence. After discovering the police had film footage of Ronald confessing, Betty figured out the real crook was the movie's scriptwriter, Gene. Gene had used heavily edited scenes from the movie to doctor the reel the police had found. Commandette tracked Gene down to the studio and got a confession out of him, and just before the police arrived, she shot him dead. She had no powers but was skilled in jiu jitsu and was also a trained stuntwoman.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Star-Studded Comics #1

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