Real Name

Cristino da Silva Gomes Cleto


August 10, 1907


May 25, 1940

Corisco was the nickname of the bandit Cristino da Silva Gomes Cleto (August 10, 1907, White Water - Alagoas, May 25, 1940, Jeremoabo - Bahia). He was married Sérgia Ribeiro da Silva, nicknamed "Dada". Corisco was also known as Devil Bay. In 1924, Corisco was convened by the Brazilian Army for military service. In a street fight Corisco killed a man in 1926, and made ​​the decision to ally with the outlaw's gang Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, nicknamed Lampião. Corisco was known for her beauty, her athletic physique and long hair left him with a nice appearance, besides physical strength too great for these reasons was nicknamed "Diabo Louro" (Devil Bay) when he joined the band of Lampião.


The version created by Hugo Pratt for Corto Maltese is definitely NOT in public domain.

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