The Corpse

Real Name

"Slick" Murdock

First Appearance

Feature Comics #66 (March, 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Rudy Palais


Slick Murdock was a killer sentenced to die in the electric chair. However, Slick somehow managed to survive his electrocution, and went on a killing spree to get his revenge on everyone who was involved in his sentencing, including District Attorney Melton, the jurors, Mayor Hogarty who failed to stay his execution, and his former girlfriend, the nightclub singer "Torchy" Carole. He called himself, "The Corpse" and left his signature at every killing. He was stopped by The Doll Man.

The Corpse was a fearless and relentless killer, usually armed with conventional weapons such as knives and guns.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Feature Comics #66

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