Brain of Kon Tiri

Real Name

Kon Tiri

First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #2 (May 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by



The brain of Kon Tiri, Japan's "worst criminal", is being studied by Higi Yoshowa, the "head of the department of comparative physiology at a leading university in Japan". While giving a lecture on the brain, Hiroshima is hit with an atomic bomb. Higi survives the blast, only to see it grow into a powerful Cosmic Brain with atomic energy.

Higi describes this on a hospital bed to fellow scientist Brett Donaldson. Brett sees Higi Yoshowa pass away, then leaves the hospital. He watches a devastating attack by the Cosmic Brain, hiding in a shelter.

He emerges two days later and makes plans to destroy the brain. He goes to an enormous "electronic calculator" to help him formulate a way to destroy the Cosmic Brain, but it is attacked and destroyed by a tank built by Kon Tiki's brain.

Brett enters the tank, defeating the two human operators inside. He tries to use the "heat ray" on the Kon Tiri Tank against the brain, but it is entirely ineffectual. He then re-wires the heat ray to send out a "searing flame of white heat", freezing the brain to absolute zero. This defeats and kills the Cosmic Brain.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #2

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