Cosmo Corrigan

Real Name

Cosmo Corrigan

First Appearance

Planet Comics #9 (September, 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

George Tuska


Cosmic Corrigan, described as "Earth's bad boy ambassador to the outermost outpost of Pluto." He lived in an ice palace in the frigid wastes of Pluto (apparently he was pretty tough, as he always ran around in his underwear). He liked to ice skate and tried to convince officials on Pluto to allow him to build planet's first night club. However, when he wasn't being goofy, he served the king of the city state of Plutox and helped defend it from invaders. He was a good fighter and sometimes used a ray gun. He was also considered a daredevil stunt pilot.

Golden Age Appearances

Planet Comics #9-11