Professor Cowles

Real Name


First Appearance

Weird Tales of the Future #3 (Sept 1952)

Original Publisher

Key Publications

Created by

Tony Mortellaro


In the year 1995, Professor Cowles works in a laboratory in an old desert castle laboratory to create his "Life Generator Fluid". He is successful, and informs his assistant, Carson, of his success. Carson asks if the fluid had been tested. Cowles informs his assistant that he has tested the fluid, and succeeded, saying, "I've turned ordinary dirt into living matter!"

Carson asks Professor Cowles if the living matter will have brains, and if it will be good or evil. Professor Cowles tells his assistant that "No one can say." and orders Carson to burn the live cells. Cowles plans to keep the fluid in a safe.

A lightning strike knocks out the electricity in the castle, and the lights go out. Carson goes to the generator to fix it, when Cowles accidentally spills the Life Generator Fluid on an empty suit of armor.

Several minutes later, Steel Armor comes to life and attempts to kill Professor Cowles and Carson. Carson bravely takes up a sword and strikes Steel Armor, but the sword is smashed against the impenetrable metal. Carson avoid Steel Armor, the animated being nearly crashing through a stone wall with its prodigious strength. Cowles notes, "It doesn't seem to have intelligence, just the urge to kill!"

The slow-moving Steel Armor continues its rampage. Cowles and Carson go to retrieve the "new decomposing acid". As they are searching for the acid, Steel Armor smashes the heavy wooden door and attacks Professor Cowles. Carson finds the acid, but the professor tells Carson to not throw the bottle as it will burn Cowles alive. Carson splashes the acid on Steel Armor, which starts to burn the creature's shell. The creature moves away from the professor, allowing Carson to throw the entire bottle at it.

The armor gets red-hot and starts to melt. When the armor is melted away, a human skeleton is revealed, displaying that a human inhabited the armor. Professor Cowles says, "Carson! What have we done? What have we done?"

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Tales of the Future #3

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