Crime Boss

Real Name

Jim Murray

First Appearance

Mad Hatter #1 (January-February 1946)

Original Publisher

O.W. Comics Corp

Created by

Bill Woolfolk


By day, the villain known as the Crime Boss was really Jim Murray, editor of the Daily Clarion. Boyfriend to reporter, Barbara Blake, she had no idea of his secret identity. While she was out following a lead on the criminal, Hunky Henders, both she and the Mad Hatter ran afoul of the Crime Boss. After capturing both of them (and murdering Hunky), the Mad Hatter saved the day and set Barbara free. Returning to the Daily Clarion, she found Jim packing to leave town. Upon confessing he was really the Crime Boss, the Mad Hatter showed up through an open window and, after some timely assistance from Barbara, apprehended the crime boss and had him taken away to jail.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mad Hatter #1


The story ended without ever revealing what Jim had done as the Crime Boss to make him wanted by the authorities.

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