Crime King

Real Name

"Knuckles" Socco

First Appearance

Triumph Comics #30 (April 1946)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created By

Adrian Dingle

Golden Age Origin

"Knuckles" Socco was a bank robber with a special laboratory hidden within Canada's Northwest Territories who coated his entire body in a "flexible, though indestructible, plastic" which can be applied to any surface (including human skin) without any ill effects.

After killing his two henchman to "save dough," Knuckles successfully defeated Nelvana of the Northern Lights in combat and re-dubbed himself "The Crime King."

Two days later he attempted to steal a scientist's plans for "automotive atomic power," only to be confronted by Nelvana once more. This time, Nelvana used her powers to melt Knuckle's protective skin before knocking the master criminal unconscious with a single blow.

Powers and Abilities

Socco was a physically imposing man with a brilliant scientific mind.

While coated with the plastic he invented, he was also completely invulnerable to all physical attacks (including bullets).

Golden Age Appearances

  • Triumph Comics #30

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