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Real Name

Thrur Vilach

First Appearance

Open Source Characters Facebook Group (July 2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard


Crisscross is an ex-Impavid Hero named Thrur Vilach who once held the title of Captain Centras before he was disgraced. Now he is one of the worst villainous Scourges that the Dimension of Centras has ever known.

The Worlds' Elders recruited Thrur from the city of Wrathstone on the fifth planet (called Vreggos) of the solar realm of Zhaunal where Thrur grew up as a dirt poor street urchin. He began his heroic career as a member of the Battalion League and soon excelled among his peers and rose through the ranks. When the alien hero Uffoh died under the demonic claws of Hellion, the Worlds' Elders chose Thrur to succeed him as the next Captain Centras. It was a decision that they would soon come to regret.

As Captain Centras, Thrur was powerful. The Centras Paragon-Icon took a hold of him with all its power and made the man one of the strongest and most resilient Impavids in all of Centras. Many believed he was even stronger than Helix Kheros. However, Thrur had always been prone to pride, and it was this inflated ego that made him determined to enter the Hell Realm and defeat Hellion personally.

Thrur took an entire legion into the fiery Reality Realm and set them to fighting across its twisted landscape to his ultimate goal. He convinced the Worlds' Elders that he was doing this to avenge Uffoh but it soon became apparent to the soldiers that Thrur was doing this for glory. He led them into a slaughter and then abandoned them when he felt his life was in mortal danger. He cared not for those left behind.

After Thrur returned to Centras, he was shocked when the Worlds' Elders told him that they were stripping him of his title and confiscating the Centras Paragon-Icon. He refused to give up his power without a fight and killed over a dozen Elders before he was taken down by a group of heroes (led by Helix of Centras and Red Vulpine), as well as a hundred soldiers of the Battalion League.

Disgraced and rejected by his former allies, Thrur was sentenced to life in prison without parole and immediately shipped off to the Crystal-Iron Prison in the Reality Realm of Eobbeodalar where he languished for over a year before managing to escape during a prison riot. Once free of his shackles, he vowed revenge on all those who had wronged him with the Worlds' Elders at the top of a long list. Thrur went back to calling himself Crisscross and then went on a killing spree across Centras before aligning himself with the tyrants of Vreggos.

Crisscross hates Baethany Ashiran who was Thrur's former subordinate in the Battalion League and is now the current holder of Captain Centras title and its Paragon-Icon. He sees her as an overeager upstart who needs to be humiliated and then killed, slowly. He is obsessed with regaining the Centras Paragon-Icon from her and will go to any length to get it back.


After he was stripped of the Centras Paragon-Icon, Crisscross's powers diminished significantly. However, he still retains the tremendous strength and powerful protective energy field that he was born with and these abilities are considerably stronger than before he became Captain Centras.

Thrur Vilach makes up for his other lost powers with a streak of viciousness and an addiction to dangerous biotech. He stole an experimental enhancing-fluid (called Ucheras) that has the ability to boost a powered being's natural abilities. The fluid is considered stable and safe when used sparingly. However, when used in high doses, it can cause psychosis and fits of rage.

While Crisscross cannot create Ucheras himself, he gave samples of the fluid to the arch-villain Master Simian to synthesis for him (and others, for a hefty price). In return for this service, Crisscross steals powerful technology for the alien ape. Their alliance is chilly at the best of times, although neither has been willing to betray the other, so far.

Crisscross also uses a wide variety of manufactured weapons including blades and firearms of all types. While his isn't a master of any of them, he usually has enough firepower to tip the balance to his side in any fight against weaker foes. Thrur is obsessed with his weapon collection and will try to steal weapons from heroes and villains alike.

Crisscross is a canny thief who can get in to almost anywhere and steal almost anything.

Rogues Gallery

Crisscross has both heroes and villains as his enemies, although most of the villainous foes have learned to avoid him due to his unstable nature. Thrur no longer cares about Hellion or his minions, but he never works with them. Beetlebile considered Thrur his nemesis during the man's time as Captain Centras. The two of them still hate each other.

Crisscross is constantly being hunted by agents of the Battalion League, but trying to track him on Vreggos is extremely difficult due to the Nameless War ongoing between the Gloom Tyrants and the Worlds' Elders. It is this clandestine conflict which has also brought Crisscross in conflict with the mercenaries known as the Red Raptorians.


Crisscross is designed to be an "Open-Source Character" for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras heroic setting and the world of Vreggos. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

"The character of Crisscross and the setting of the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Crisscross, the world of Vreggos, or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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