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Real Name


First Appearance

Planet Comics #43 (July, 1946)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Chester Martin

Golden Age Origin


Cymrad City

Cymradia was a planet covered with forests and swamps, and surrounded by purple mists in its atmosphere. It was home of Cymrad City, a massive technological marvel built by the old Brain-Lords of Cymradia. They called it the "pearl of the cosmos." The planet was also home to tribes of the intelligent Arborotes, primitive humanoids with purple fur and prhensile tails, who live in the forests. There is also the domed city of Sargazzo, where the former test subjects of the Brain-Lords live as a tribe. The city is hidden under a lake in the swamplands, and beneathe that are crystal caves, where the keeper of the dead reigns over the moth-men. The forests and rivers or Cymradia are inhabited by many unusal species including pyro-spores (firey worms) and large reptilian creatures, including the lizard-birds in the air and huge alligator and octopus-like creatures in the water. There are also huge insect-like creatures, including Spidrons, butterfly/moth-like creatures and giant dragonfly-like creatures.


City of Sargazzo

Golden Age Comic Appearances

Planet Comics #43-53

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