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The Daily Star was a fictional newspaper, depicted in comics published by a number of companies. The paper covered the activities of a number of crime fighting superheroes. Several heroes actually worked there as well.


Daily Star appearances by company:


  • Hap Hazard was a copy boy at the Daily Star.


  • Minute-Man's cases were covered by the Daily Star.

Fiction House

  • Jane Martin briefly worked for the Daily Star as a reporter.

Fox Features

  • Dr. Doom's crimes were covered by the Daily Star.

Lev Gleason


  • Black Hood's cases were covered by the Daily Star.



  • Peter Stockbridge, aka The Chameleon, made himself managing editor of the Daily Star, a paper that his family owned.


  • Black Owl's cases were covered by the Daily Star.


  • Chic Carter, aka The Sword, was an ace reporter for the Daily Star.
  • Joan Dale, aka Miss America, was a reporter for the Daily Star, before she quit to join the FBI.
  • Events in the adventures of Doll Man were covered by the Daily Star.

Rural Home


  • It seems that the first appearance of a "Daily Star" newspaper in comics was actually Action Comics #1, published by DC in 1938. That issue is still under copyright in the United States, until at least Jan. 1, 2034. In Action Comics, The Daily Star was the paper that Clark Kent, aka Superman, worked for before he began working at the Daily Planet, two years later. Though in modern stories, the Daily Star pops up occasionally, but many of them could be erroneous identifications of the Metropolis Star. You should avoid using the DC version of the Daily Star.
  • There exists in real-life a tabloid newspaper called "The Daily Star" based in the United Kingdom.

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