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Daniel Boone

Real Name

Daniel Boone


November 2, 1734


September 26, 1820

Historical Background

Daniel Boone is an iconic American frontiersman who hailed from Kentucky. He was a hunter and a soldier, who lived among Native Americans and fought them as well, especially after members of his family were abducted. He also participated in battles of the American Revolution.

Legend & Folklore

Boone's life and exploits were greatly exaggerated by early biographers, leading to him becoming a popular subject for dime novels and tall tales. There were tales that he swung on vines to escape the Native Americans who were tracking him and that he battled a bear unarmed.


  • Daniel Boone is almost always depicted wearing a 'coonskin hat, but this is probably due to his confusion with Davy Crockett. He was not known to wear such attire.
  • Daniel Boone was likely a major inspiration for the character of Natty Bumpo, the Leatherstocking, in the Deer Hunter book series. The Last of the Mohicans may be viewed as a fictionalized retelling of his story.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Silver Streak Comics #2
  • Amazing Man Comics #17
  • Blue Bolt #11-12 (as ghost), v.10 #1
  • True Comics #3
  • The Face #2
  • Skyrocket Comics
  • Hit Comics #37
  • Jumbo Comics #104
  • Conquest #1
  • Exploits of Daniel Boone #1-6
  • Wild Frontier #2-3, 5
  • Dan'l Boone #1-8
  • Frontier Scout, Dan'l Boone #10-13
  • Black Fury #9, 12
  • Cheyenne Kid #9
  • Six-Gun Heroes #44
  • Fighting Daniel Boone #1
  • A Treasury of Horses
  • Space Adventures #53

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Rosalthe; or The Prisoner of Kentucky (1850) by John H. Robionson
  • The Wood King; or Daniel Boone's Last Trail (1873) by Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
  • The Wolf Demon; or The Queen of the Kanawha (1878) by Alber W. Aikens
  • Daniel Boone, the Hero of Kentucky (1979) by Paul Braddon
  • Rifle and Paddle; or, The Maid of Old Kentucky. A Story of the Days of Daniel Boone (1888) by Henry L. Boone (no relation)
  • The Thunderbolt of the Border; or Daniel Boone on the Warpath (1891) by Burke Brentford

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