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Real Name

Bart Hill

First Appearance

Silver Streak Comics #6 (Sep 1940)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Jack Binder & Jack Cole

Golden Age Origin Edit

First Origin (Silver Streak #6)Edit

Daredevil Yellow

Original costume

As a child, Bart Hill was witness to his parents' brutal murder. The murderer also branded Bart with a hot iron, leaving a boomerang-shaped scar on the left side of his chest. This traumatic experience left the boy mute. He trained his entire life in the art of the boomerang, eventually becoming a master boomerang marksman. He then developed a costume and took to the streets as the vigilante crime-fighter Daredevil.

Second Origin (Daredevil Comics #18)Edit

Daredevil and Silver Streak and Churchill

Daredevil meets Silver Streak (and Churchill!)

With Bart Hill/Daredevil speaking in his second appearance (Silver Streak Comics #7), his origin story needed to be ret-conned. In the new origin, Bart Hill's parents  were killed while in Australia. Bart was then raised by a tribe of aborigines who taught him the art of using boomerangs. As an adult, he returned to the U.S. and fought crime as Daredevil.

Daredevil fought an epic war against the Claw in the 1940s. Prior to the U.S. being involved in World War II, the Claw allied himself with Adolf Hitler. This prompted Daredevil to team up with the Silver Streak, Lance Hale, Cloud Curtis, Dickie Dean and the Pirate Prince (the latter probably via Yankee Longago acting behind the scenes). Later on, Daredevil found himself a group of sidekicks called the Little Wise Guys. In addition to the Claw, Daredevil also battled The Bolt, The Deadly Dozen, The Scarlet Skull and Wolf Carson, among others.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Daredevil Battles Hitler (Daredevil Comics #1)
  • Daredevil Comics #2-69
  • Silver Streak Comics #6-17

Notes Edit

  • Not to be confused with the more popularly known Daredevil from Marvel Comics, which is most definitely NOT in the public domain.
  • Daredevil's costume design was the influence for the design of Charlton Comics' Peter Cannon.
  • The character, renamed Death Defying 'Devil, appears in Dynamite Entertainment's Project Superpowers line of comics.
  • Daredevil, renamed Daring Devil, is played by Matt Roeling in the Legacy of the Masque web series.
  • Bart Hill/Daredevil, renamed Doubledare, is played by Andre Givogue in the 2010 film, Avenging Force: The Scarab.

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