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The Dark Archer

Real Name


First Appearance

Thrilling Comics #26 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by



The Dark Archer is a former circus acrobat named Henderson who was convicted for a series of robberies and decided to get his revenge for being sent to jail. He systematically killed each member of Board of Directors for Old Drew Bank, including John Andrews, Tom Clairton, Mr. Fowler, Mr. Jones and Mr. Lee.


As a former acrobat, The Dark Archer was extremely athletic, with speed and agility bordering on superhuman. He was an excellent fighter capable of taking on several armed police officers. He was also an excellent climber and acrobat, capable of scaling multi-story buildings and fearlessly jumping out of their windows to escape unscathed. The Dark Archer killed his victims with a poison black arrow, but ironically, he did not actually use a bow. He usually just used the arrows to stab people, and when confronted with an opponent, he would throw the arrows. He also commanded a small gang.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Thrilling Comics #26

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