Real Name

James Whitlam

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums (2010)

Created by

Dominic Bennetts


James was born in 1932, during the middle of the Great Depression, and spent his formative years living in a slum in Franklin, Wisconsin. Well, one of them. There are six Franklins in Wisconsin, but it’s unknown which one he hails from. In any case, the town he grew up in struggled through the difficult times, but together the townsfolk managed to survive through to the end of the Depression and the outbreak of World War II in 1939. It was just as the war was winding down that James’ talents were unlocked by a wayward meteorite impact, which flattened an area just a quarter of a mile south of the Whitlam family home. Unfortunately the meteor had struck a significant dam in the area, and almost all the water in the dam was vaporized and billowed along the ground, slipping through the walls of the Whitlam family homestead, layered with the toxins dredged up from the bottom of the dam and the vaporized elements of the space-rock.

James was the only one at home at the time, and the acrid, scorching steam activated the dormant paragenes of the young boy, unlocking an array of talents. Throughout the next five years, James worked on developing his talents, honing them and learning to deal with the newly-emerging ones, until in 1950 he decided to serve his country to the best of his abilities, donning a highly patriotic costume and naming himself Ultravox, Defender of America. He dealt with supervillains, with nuclear threats, and even with a few alien incidents, incredibly rare happenings at the time. However, it was in the sixties that things started to go downhill for Ultravox.

James had always had quite a forceful personality, and was never one to ignore his wants and needs. In fact, he could be a little hotheaded at times, and eventually Ultravox garnered a number of smears on his reputation, such as excessive violence once a foe had been subdued, womanizing and strongly associating himself with the traditionalists as the Negro communitgy became more vocal in their protests about equality. Eventually, scandal erupted in the early seventies when Ultravox was found to be a supporter of extreme anti-homosexuality groups that had recently become increasingly violent and hateful towards the gays.

After this incident, with his wholesome apple-pie image completely ruined, Ultravox became outshone by the new boy on the block, an emerging hero by the name of Astro-Man. Though with incredibly similar talents, and somewhat less powerful than Ultravox at this point in history, Astro-Man was the ideal poster boy for American families at the time, and soon overshadowed Ultravox, who slinked away to nurse his wounded pride. James became spiteful towards the young hero for talking his spotlight, and eventually became deeply bitter and resentful, until in 1994 he threw away his persona as Ultravox and proposed a new idea to several other less well-looked-upon heroes, to form a group called the League of Destiny. A place where heroes could be themselves away from the public eye, and if they so wished, reinvent themselves. So that’s just what James did.

Definitiveguy was the result of James’ slate cleaning, a new hero with a new costume and no bad reputation. Definitiveguy managed to gain a modicum of popularity worldwide, but having talents similar to those of Astro-Man, James in his new persona has continued to be relegated to second-best and rather ho-hum. Becoming increasingly more bitter, coarse and assholish, James hasn’t aged all that gracefully, and has lost a significant slice of his paratalents, along with a far more significant slice of his youthful, efficient, working mind.

Powers and Abilities

As he is, Definitiveguy has the basic outline of superpowers for a high-level meta. Vastly strong, Definitiveguy is able to lift some ten thousand or more tons, and can survive pretty much anything, including a point-blank nuclear explosion. His ground speed is incredible, able to push to speeds approaching Mach 50 for brief periods of time, and he is able to fly at a far more poky Mach 1.2, at the high end of the transonic scale. His maximum altitude is in the upper stratosphere, and he is highly resistant to both heat and cold. He’s also able to function with greatly reduced oxygen rates, both in the higher atmosphere and underwater.

Definitiveguy has a vast trove of experience with super combat, though a lot of it is from simpler times. Not altogether that smart, Definitiveguy has, nonetheless, seen a lot of things and when he’s in the right state of mind can be a valuable strategic and tactical support for other heroes in the League.


Somewhat bitter about the public who turned against him and about the new young hero that replaced him, Definitiveguy is a man with many issues of abandonment and loss. Since he clearly can’t outdo Astro-Man in almost any fashion, Definitiveguy has invested most of his time, energy and funds into continuing to lead the League of Destiny, which under his singular leadership has become only a shadow of its former self. Due to his advancing age, Whitlam’s once-sharp mind has degenerated and he has become increasingly senile over time. His world weariness is an increasingly more common aspect of his life, where he simply has to slow down and try to keep up with what’s going on around him. In the worst cases of senility, Definitiveguy’s vocabulary shrinks to just one word and he tends to just amble along behind whichever hero is kind-hearted enough to see him along his merry way. When his mind is together though he is relentless in taunting others, friend or foe, and reminiscing about the good old days, when men were men and political correctness hadn’t even been invented.


James Whitlam isn’t entirely sure, but he has a feeling that with all the Mexican prostitutes he slept with in his younger years, he must have some children around somewhere, and quite possibly grandchildren as well. For a while, James became convinced Astro-Man was a son or nephew to him, but has since dropped the theory and resumed his bitterness about fading from the limelight. Definitiveguy has workable relationships with Crowtalon, Dimensiongate and many other heroes who have since left the League, and tends to have a slightly less workable relationship with the heroes currently in the League, a bunch of damn rookies and new-age hippies who love blackies, towel-heads and gooks. He used to have a rivalry with the Communist Manifester, but that’s more of a routine activity for them now, clashing every now and again for the good of whichever principle they support.


  • "The character of Definitiveguy is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Definitiveguy, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

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