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Dejah Thoris

Real name

Dejah Thoris

First appearance

Under the Moons of Mars (in All Story Magazine, 1912)

Original publisher

Frank Munsey

Created by

Edgar Rice Burroughs


Dejah Thoris is a Princess of Mars (which her people call Barsoom) who eventually becomes the wife of John Carter, Warlord of Mars and mother of his son, Carthoris and daughter, Tara. She is a native of the city state of Helium, the daughter of Jed Mors Kajak, and granddaughter of Jeddak Tardos Mors. As a noble woman, she is fiercely proud of her heritage, and demonstrates great courage. She is sometimes portrayed as an adventuress and heroine in her own right, when not needing to be rescued by Carter. Like other Red Martians of Helium, she has red skin, black hair and wears very little clothing other than jewlery, though she is usually depicted wearing at least some clothing.

Comics Appearances

Dejah Thoris appeared as a supporting character in the John Carter series published under license by Marvel Comics in the 1970s and has more recently appeared in the unauthorized 'Warlord of Mars' series published by Dynamite Entertainment, as well as starring in her own titles from the same company.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Under the Moons of Mars (1912)
  • A Princess of Mars (1917)
  • The Gods of Mars (1918)
  • The Warlord of Mars (1919)
  • Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1920)
  • The Chessmen of Mars (1922)


  • Although the first five John Carter novels are in the public domain in the USA, they remain under copyright in the UK and elsewhere. The major characters, including Dejah Thoris, are trademarked by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. who have already initiated legal proceedings against Dynamite Entertainment for using the characters without permission, apparently in part because of their salacious depiction of Dejah Thoris.

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