Delecta, Queen of the Kalpan Planets

Real Name

Queen Delecta

First Appearance

Don Fortune Magazine #1 (September, 1946)

Original Publisher

Don Fortune Publishing

Created by

C. C. Beck

Golden Age Origin

Delecta became the queen of the Kalpan System shortly after her father, King Deltar, died. Delecta's rule was challenged by Deltar's murderous half-sister, Ardora, who ruled the rogue planet of Myro. After Ardora brought the stranded Earthling, Lawrence Breck, to Kala for Delecta's coronation, Delecta began to develop feelings for the strange alien. She had her chief scientist, Telepan, help Larry to understand the Kalpan language. Later, Delecta accepted a duel to the death with Ardora in a spacefighter. During the battle, Ardora was killed, and Delecta held a contest to elect the next governor of the planet Myro. The post was eventually given to Larry, who was considered a hero throughout the Kalpan System.


Delecta was very courageous and dealt with many of her planets problems personally, regardless of the danger. She was apparently a very skilled fighter pilot.

Golden Age Appearances

Don Fortune Magazine #1-6

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