The Destroying Devil

Real Name

Bruce Blackburn

First Appearance

Feature Comics #32 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Campbell

Golden Age Origin

Captain Bruce Blackburn was a member of America's intelligence agency. He went undercover in the "Un-American Band." The public believed him dead and used a double named Jackson to foil his "comrades" in the Band. For a short time in his career, Bruce became the costumed hero known as the Destroying Demon, but soon abandoned his costume after one issue. The Destroying Demon had no powers, but he carried a rubber cable to bungee jump from building to building.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Feature Comics #32-56


  • The strip was titled "Demon of Destruction." However in the story, Blackburn refers to himself as a "Destroying Devil" but his enemies called him a "Destroying Demon."

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