Captain Dexter Ames

Real Name

Captain Dexter Ames

First Appearance

Planet Comics #6 (June, 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Lin Davies?

Golden Age Origin

Captain Dexter Ames was the commander of the Earth-ship Discoverer. Doctor Phillips served as his second in command. The crew also included Chief Engineer Morgan, Chief Gunner Hatch and at least 20 others. The crew traveled through both space and time, and several of them were "wiped" from the corrected/new Time-Stream after killing their own ancestors.

Dexter Ames was a wise and cunning leader who could speak Latin. Ames and his men were armed with ray guns and armor.

Golden Age Appearances

Planet Comics #6-8


The relationship of the characters in these stories is notably similar to some of the characters in Star Trek, with Ames being similar to Kirk, the Discoverer being similar to the Enterprise, Phillips being similar to Spock/McCoy and Morgan being similar to Scotty.

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