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Diana the Huntress

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Diana the Huntress

Real Name

Diana, Goddess of the Hunt

First Appearance

Yellowjacket #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Frank Communale

Created by

Burton Geller

Golden Age Origin


Diana the Huntress traveled from her home on Mount Olympus under orders from her father, Zeus, to protect Greece from the Nazis. She could be summoned by anyone who found one of her arrows. Her powers included flight, superhuman strength, and agility. Diana also had a "robe of concealment" allowing her to hide among mortals. She was a skilled archer and carries a magical bow and golden arrows. She was assisted by her fellow Greek/Roman deities such as Apollo, Hercules, Zeus, Mercury, and Discordia. Her enemies included Count Vesti.

Golden Age Appearances

Diana Huntress
  • Yellowjacket #1-10
  • Humdinger vol. 1 #4

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