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Dimension of Centras

First Appearance

Public Domain Super Heroes (May 2016)

Major Characters

The Bronze Robot (android), Captain Centras, Changeling (arch-villain), Doctor Chronos (magician/time traveler), Electric Arrow (vigilante), Gueneverix (villain), Helix of Centras, Hellion (arch-villain), The High Hunter, Iron Marksman, Lady Ruin (villain), Master Simian (arch-villain), Razordog (villain), Shadowstar, and Wild Inferno

Major Organizations

Apeixxi Media, Centras Banking Conglomerate, Elysium Holdings, Fluxtechnologies, Worlds' Elders, and Worldwares

Paragon Families

Authren, Inna, Kheros, Mastor, Merodach, Ozhan, Salvian, Thelas, Uhago, Yaktin, and Zuastia


Alpha Titans (villains), Battalion League (soldiers), Chosen Few of Hellion (villains), Crux Knights, Lady Jenna and the Evernauts, Law Oracles (mercs), The Myriads (villains), Paramounts, Red Raptorians (mercs), and The Silver Seraphs

Setting Style

Neo-Silver Age

Created by

Robert Blezard

The Dimension of Centras is "Open-Source Setting" that can exist in any Open-Source universe. While it is designed to revolve around the character known as Helix of Centras (its most famous hero), it can be used without referring to that character or the Kheros Family.

Within the setting are multiple worlds and other dimensions that can also be used. The primary Reality Realm of the setting is called Zhaunal. It is a solar realm that has fifteen planets with the sixth planet, Anuthra, being the most important in the realm. Anuthra is the home world of the Kheros Family.

The Dimension of Centras is considered to be a neo-Silver Age setting with many strange facets. There are not only powered heroes but also aliens (including extra-dimensional beings), strange magic, twisted mutations, super science, and both extra-dimensional & time travel.

There are five main Reality Realms in the dimension that each have a system of planets. Zhaunal [earth, water] is the core realm of the setting. The other four realms in order of importance are as follows: Rhippex [air, fire], Amathai [fire], Iianium [air], and Eobbeodalar [earth].

There are nine minor Reality Realms that exist as well. Of the nine, there are only two with set names — The Hell Realm [earth, fire] and Kraessiadolon [water]. The other seven Reality Realms have been left unnamed for others to "fill in" in their own works. It does not matter if future works create different Reality Realms that add up to more than seven. In different Open-Source universes, there can be an infinite number of variations.

Centras is ruled by an elite group of retired powered heroes who have passed on the bulk of their powers to the next generation through relics known as Paragon-Icons. This group is known as the Worlds' Elders. The group is charged with the protection of the dimension from any enemies that try to subvert or conquer any realm of Centras. Old heroes that retire from active duty are considered to have a place for life among the Worlds' Elders, but if a member is convicted of treason, they can be removed through a vote, which must be a majority.

The Worlds' Elders are served by many (but not all) of the powered heroes of Centras, as well as the elite force of low-powered heroes known as the Battalion League. There are other powerful heroic groups in the dimension, but but most of them are mercenary groups that either work independently (like the infamous Red Raptorians) or for private organizations such as the Centras Banking Conglomerate. The Dimension of Centras has a multitude of such powerful organizations spread across its many Reality Realms.

The relics known as Paragon-Icons are controlled almost exclusively by the Paragons of Centras — powerful families and/or groups descended from the original heroes who stood against the Archdevil in the Paragonian War over a thousand years ago. The most powerful Paragon Families are the following: Kheros, Thelas, and Zuastia. These three families all have both a matriarchal and a patriarchal Paragon-Icon controlled by two different keepers. All the other families only have one icon (either a matriarch or a patriarch icon).

The denizens of Centras are aware of several other extra-dimensions and/or distant realities. The most important of these are listed below:

The Dimension of Eternallus, the Dimension of the void, and White Limbo are all considered major aspects of the Dimension of Centras setting. Earth Alpha is also important due to the team of powered villains, called the Alpha Titans, from that alternate Earth. However, both Earth Alpha and Earth Beta are considered minor aspects of the setting.


The license below is for all aspects of the Dimension of Centras setting. This includes the names of all realms, dimensions, worlds, locales, heroes, villains, minor characters, creatures, and impossible technology created specifically for the setting, as well as all the text on this page that details the setting's background, history, and possible futures. Note that if an aspect of the setting doesn't have it's own Open-Source notation, it should be assumed that that aspect falls under this one.

"The setting of the Dimension of Centras is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

The goal for this setting is for it to be a no-holds-barred Open-Source creation with no limits. It was created on a whim — inspired by the "Open-Source Character" known as Jenny Everywhere. That character, as well as other "open" characters can and will have a place in the setting, but the main heroes of the setting are the Kheros Family and their allies.

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