The Distressed Damsel of Eerie?

Real Name


First Appearance

Eerie #1 (May-June, 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Sid Check


This beautiful woman faced off against a mummy, an eerie ghost, a skull-headed ghoul, and anything else the covers of Avon's Eerie title threw at her... All while finding time to change her hair-color!

She must have been pretty knowledgeable when it came to the supernatural for she always returned on the cover of the next issue (except twice).

Public Domain Appearances

  • Eerie #1-10, 13-17


  • The three covers shown in this article all make use of the same drawing of a woman. Inked and colored differently in each case but, from the position of her fingers, the curls in her hair, and the line of her collar, the underlying drawing of the figure is obviously the same (hinting at all the cover girls being the same character with changing hair color).
  • The name in this article is a conjecture based on the character's appearance.

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