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Doctor Chronos
Doctor Chronos
Doctor Chronos

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Open Source Characters Facebook Group (April 2016)

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Robert Blezard

Doctor Chronos (or Romrama) is a magician and a time traveler who originates from the Dimension of Centras. He often protects the timestream from others that would change it, but he rarely gets involved with time paradoxes that exist beyond Centras and its connected dimensions.

When it comes to magical matters, Doctor Chronos is more of a radical. He is addicted to all things magical including a dimensional opiate that enhances magical ability and originated in the Dimension of the Void. His addictions haven't yet caused him to slide towards darkness, but his naysayers believe it is only a matter of time. Regardless, his is one of the most powerful magicians known in Centras.

It isn't generally known why Romrama is more dedicated to protecting time over magic. The truth is that one time, long ago, he failed to act and The Void was nearly extinguished from existence, which would have meant he would have lost access to the Null Plume. Therefore, he is now highly vigilant about protecting the temporal stability of Centras and The Void, so he doesn't lose his magical edge.

After the near disaster, Doctor Chronos purposely forced his mind to schism to separate his emotional and rational halves. By doing so, he is able to partake of his emotional highs while protecting his logical mind. If shown that a temporal anomaly has arisen, Romrama has the ability to purge the high from his emotional half and deal with the situation at hand. Doing so is very hard on him physically. This is why he is sometimes referred to as The Schismed Man.

Doctor C headshot

Doctor Chronos is both a psychologist and a parapsychologist. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of the mind. He is highly telepathic and can speak any language that is known across Centras and The Void. He sensitive to the presence of spirits, especially demonic creatures from alien dimensions. He has an uncanny knack of getting what he wants through charm and guile.

While many see him as a hero, Doctor Chronos is also known as a scoundrel who has little respect for civic laws. He once said the following to a High Justice in the Reality Realm of Iianium (while on trial for public mischief): “Your supposed laws are highly restrictive constructs that slow time to a crawl.” He then managed to teleport away from the court, while shackled. Regardless of his actions, the common people of  Iianium consider him a folk hero.

The man is also quite the Lothario, and his sexual appetite is considered complicated. While he prefers the company of females, he is both omnisexual and polyamorous. His past relationships often came to a dramatic and public end.

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Doctor Chronos is designed to be an "Open-Source Character" for use by anyone. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

"The character of Doctor Chronos is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Doctor Chronos, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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