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Doctor Knowles

Real Name

Parker Knowles

First Appearance

Haunted Thrills #3 (Oct. 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger


The psychiatristDoctor Knowles is treating a woman named Margo after the death of a famous musician named Martie Draw. According to Knowles, Margo has a strange melancholia since the famed Mr. Draw passed away.

Visiting Margo with Knowles, Grimm, The Ghost Doctor is introduced to  Marie, Margo's nurse. They discover Margo has been poisoned. Grimm suspects Marie, as does Margo when she is alone talking to the nurse.

While Knowles rests in a chair, Margo tells Grimm about Martie Draw. Martie comes to Margo at night, "with his music", with a ghastly appearance. Margo is the only one who can see him.

While they are talking and unbeknownst to them, someone stabs Doctor Knowles with a knife to murder him. Saxophone strains are heard by Grimm, surprising Margo that he can hear it as well. Grimm leaves Margo, who sees the ghostly apparition of Martie Draw playing his saxophone when she is alone. Grimm discovers the murdered body of Doctor Knowles.

Seeing a bookshelf and suspecting a hidden passage, he removes a book named, "Try Me", Grimm discovers a secreted room of the house. Grimm goes into the room and opens the door to discover Margo's nurse, Marie. He has deduced Marie is a medium who summoned the ghost of "Marty" (as it is spelled on this panel).

Marie produces a gun, attempting to fire it at Grimm. The gun jams, allowing Grimm time to light a cigarette. Marie uses the gun to cold-cock Grimm. The nurse goes to grab Margo, saying Margo stole Martie Draw's attention from her when he was alive, and now she can "join him in the grave". Margo begs Marie to not kill her and calls for help.

Grimm comes to the room aflame from his cigarette. He hears Margo's scream, rushing in to see Marie about to bludgeon Margo with a candlestick. Grimm restrains her, and soon the fire department responds to the smoke from the fire. Marie is taken away by police, who inform her that "there will be no seances where yer goin', girlie!"


Public Domain Appearances

  • Haunted Thrills #3, Bomber Comics #2, Witches Tales Vol. 1, #7

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