Doctor Zabor
Portrayed by Bela Lugosi

First Appearance

Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (September 4, 1952)

Original Publisher

Realart Pictures Inc.

Created By

Tim Ryan and William Beaudine

Doctor Zabor is a reclusive scientist living on the island of Kola Kola conducting biological experiments. He had recruited the assistance of the island's natives, even training the chief's daughter Nona to be his lab assistant. The Doctor became infatuated with Nona, but she did not return his affections.

Some time later, a pair of nightclub entertainers Duke Mitchell and Sammy Patrillo ended up on the island due to a series of mishaps. Nona was highly attracted to handsome young Duke, which made the Doctor insanely jealous. He used his scientific knowlege to transform Duke into a gorilla. When Sammy and Nona freed Duke from the Doctor's clutches, Zabor hunted them down with a rifle.


  • The movie Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla has entered the public domain.
  • Duke Mitchell and Sammy Patrillo's characters are impressions of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, the popular comdey duo of the era. Jerry Lewis tried to have the movie shut down, and for years after used his influence to keep the pair (especially Sammy) from working in the industry.

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