Doll Man
The World's Mightiest Mite

Real Name

Darrell Dane

First Appearance

Feature Comics #27 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Will Eisner

Golden Age Origin


Darrell Dane becomes Doll Man.

Darrell Dane was a chemist who discovered a liquid that could shrink a human being to only six inches tall but still leave him or her with the strength of a full-grown human. Later, his girlfriend, Martha Roberts, the daughter of Darrell's colleague Dr. Roberts, was threatened by gangsters. Darrell took the formula and used his height to defeat the criminals.

As a super hero, he is assisted by his sidekick, Martha Roberts. For transportation, he uses a bald eagle, a Dollplane (model airplane), and Elmo, a German Shepherd. His power is the ability to shrink to six inches tall but still have the strength of a full-grown man. He can return to his normal size whenever he wants.


Doll Man's enemies include the Angle, the Bearded Lady, Beauty, the Black Atom, Black Gondolier, Bollini, Botanist, the Brain, Cateye, the Crimson Claw, the Corpse, the Crimesmith, the Druid, Dr. Thirteen, Fat Catt, the Flame, the Fool Killer, Goon Gibett, Hag, Hand of Horror, the Headless Horseman, the Highwayman, the Huntress, the Hyena, the Image, Iron Mask, King of Beasts, the Knife, the Laughing Puppeteer, Little Miss Murder, Madame Diablo, Mad Hypnotist, Magog, Mandragora, Masked Rider, Master Diablo, Mechanical Man, Mephisto, Mind Monster, the Minstrel, Mr.Curio, Mr. Skeleton, Murder Marionettes, the Night, Nite-Owl, Peacock, Phantom Duelist, Pluvius, Polka Dot, Queen Mab, Queen of Ants, Shawunkas the Shaman, Silver Dollar, the Skull, the Sphinx, the Sword Fish, Thrawn the Lord of Lightning, Tom Thumb, the Undertaker, Vibro, and the Vulture.

Public Domain Golden Age Appearances

  • Feature Comics #29-139
  • Doll Man Quarterly #1-16
  • Doll Man #17-32
  • Doll Man # 11, 15, 17 (Reprints: I. W. Publishing; Super Comics, 1963)

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