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Don del Oro

Real name

Chief Justice Pablo

First appearance

“The Golden God,” ch. 1 of Zorro’s Fighting Legion (1939)

Original publisher

Republic Pictures

Created by

Ronald Davidson, Franklin Adreon, Morgan Cox, Sol Shor, Barney A. Sarecky

Golden Age Origin

Don del Oro — the "Golden Lord" — was a god that was worshiped by the Yacqui people in Mexico. In the 1820s, Don del Oro apparently appeared to the Yacqui in the flesh. He took over the tribe from the current chieftain and led them on a series of strikes into territory held by Hispanic people. A fighting legion was organized by President Juárez and the great fighter Zorro was brought back from America to lead it. Zorro battled through a series of death traps set by the Golden Lord, who was intending to lead the Yacqui on a strike against the mines he himself controlled in his other identity as Chief Magistrate Pablo. Eventually, in a confrontation in Don Del Oro's lair, the two of them locked in combat and Zorro was able to wrest the helmet from Pablo's head and reveal his true identity. The Yacqui then executed Pablo by forcing him back into the fiery pit in the middle of their home cave.

Public domain movie appearance

Zorro's Fighting Legion (serial), 1939. In the public domain from failure to renew copyright.


Don Del Oro was based on a mythological character known as El Dorado, a chieftain of a South American native people who ritually had his naked body covered in gold and then dove into a sacred well to give the gold to the gods. He was not armoured like Don Del Oro was in the serial. Don Del Oro was played by Bud Geary, a former silent film actor and stunt man who spent a large part of his sound career anonymously cast in roles like these.

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